From Director's Desk

Human Resource Development Centre, University of Mumbai is one of the oldest in our country, started way back in the year 1987 after the scheme of Human Resource Development Centre was established by HRDC. From 1987 till 2014 has been a long journey wherein we have crossed several milestones overcoming multifarious challenges to build an institution renowned for the quality of its training programmes. This was also acknowledged during the NAAC review in 2012 wherein we have been ranked 7th amongst 66 Human Resource Development Centres in the country and first amongst the Human Resource Development Centres of the western states of Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat. This accolade has increased our motivation to serve the teaching community better and through them our students who we feel are our primary stakeholders.

We are constantly looking for ways and means to innovate methods to improve our performance which in turn will enable us to meet our main objective of serving the teaching community better. In order to do so we have identified Information and Communication Technology as an important tool for leveraging our inherent strength and capabilities to deliver on our commitments. Setting up a state of the art Computer lab that runs on dual operating system, introducing modules on Contemporary strategies for teaching and evaluation, creative ways of teaching and learning, using social media, introducing modules on e-content development are some of the initiatives taken in this area. We have also developed an online feedback system for evaluating the resource persons and our programmes. Latest in such initiatives is the launch of a new website. The salient features of this website are its robustness, access to any internet browser or through any standard mobile devices, filling up of application forms online which will improve our administrative efficiency and make the admission process user friendly to the participants. I hope we will get unstinted support and encouragement from the teachers for this endeavour also as we have always been getting for all our previous endeavours. Thus, with your support and cooperation I am sure we will be able realize our vision which is to transform the teachers into inspirational role models for the young and impressionable students, who in turn will create a just and equitable society that will be progressive and secular.

Dr. K. Shanthi