Refresher Courses

The Refresher course is of three weeks duration with a minimum of 18 working days and 108 contact hours (six hours per day).

The main objectives of a Refresher course is to provide a forum for serving teachers to keep abreast of the latest advances in their subjects; to widen their knowledge horizon and also to help them to interact and share their ideas with renowned resource persons and fellow participants from other institutions.

UGC Human Resource Development Centre, University of Mumbai conducts Refresher courses in widely varying disciplines like Bio-Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Nanosciences, Mathematics, Statistics, Electronics & Instrumentation, Biotechnology, Environmental Studies, Information Technology, Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology, Library Sciences, Economics, Commerce & Management, Business Studies, Accountancy, History, Rural Development, Social Sciences, Human Rights, Law, Gender Studies, Economics, English, Marathi, Indian Languages, Comparative Literature, Performing Arts and Fine Arts, Education & Psychology.

The Refresher course coordinators prepare course curriculum of high quality in such a manner that the content has an optimal mix of core material in the subject, emerging areas, laboratory / practical work,field / industrial visits. Curriculum design and development, examination reforms including setting question papers are some of the topics that are also covered during the course. Since UGC has made it mandatory to have an IT component in all its programmes, one or two days are devoted to familiarize the teacher participants on the applications of IT to their discipline. They are also given an overview of the immense knowledge resources that are available, including electronic review journals and research journals in various disciplines. Our UGC HRDC computer lab with dual operating system in Linux and Windows is being used for all the Computer Aided Learning sessions of these courses. Further, in every Refresher Course field visits / industrial visits are arranged to give a better exposure to the teacher participants regarding the various applications in their field of specialization which in turn facilitates industry institute interaction.