From Director's Desk

It is indeed a pleasure to communicate with you all through our website. As you all know our UGC HRDC, University of Mumbai is one of the very first HRDCs started way back in 1987 and over a period of time, we have overcome various challenges, crossed several milestones to become an institution renowned for the quality of its training programmes. During the course of this long journey we have never lost sight of the fact that the teacher is central to our education system. Hence, all our endeavors are always focused on the personal and professional development of the teachers.

Dr. K. Shanthi

Our efforts have been quite fruitful as we are getting regular feedback from our teacher participants on how they are able to implement some of the ideas that have been taught to them which resulted in transforming them into better teachers. This transformation is important because teachers are still central to the educational system, even in this era of easy availability of information to students through various ICT platforms.

Thus, with the advent of concepts like MOOC, time and location are now no longer a constraint for a student to acquire knowledge and any seeker of knowledge needs only sufficient motivation and basic technology tools to acquire it. Hence, to be relevant in this technology driven new era, teachers need to transform themselves and move away from the traditional role of teaching and learning and be a guide and a role model for students.

Hence, we in our HRDC are also in step with the changing times and this is also reflected in our vision which is "To transform teachers into inspirational role models for the young and impressionable students who in turn will create a just and equitable society that will be progressive and secular".