Other Programmes

Our UGC HRDC offers other important programmes like Summer School, Winter School, Interaction Programme for Research Scholars and Postdoctoral fellows, Academic Administrators Workshop, Professional Development Programme for Senior faculty members, Induction Training Programme for newly recruited faculty, Capacity Building Programme for Academic Administrators and Administrative Staff of the University.

To ensure continuous quality improvement in higher education, UGC HRDC, University of Mumbai conducts workshops to prepare the teachers for teaching new courses.

We offer other important programmes like Skill Development Programmes focusing on specific skills which are important for teachers of higher education. For example, we have conducted Skill Development Programmes on Consultant Network Security, Analyst Application Security, Capital Markets, Mutual Funds etc.

State Project Directorate of RUSA, Maharashtra, have initiated various programmes towards strengthening the Model Degree Colleges in the State of Maharashtra. One of this is the Capacity Building Programme for teachers of six Model Degree Colleges in the State which was organized by the UGC HRDC, University of Mumbai.