UGC Human Resource Development Centre

UGC Human Resource Development Centre, University of Mumbai was established in the year 1987 as one of the first few HRDCs in the country. Over a period of time it has blossomed into an institution renowned for the quality of its training programmes. During the NAAC review our HRDC has been rated as a Performer and ranked 7 th amongst 66 HRDCs of the country and also ranked 1 st amongst the HRDCs of the Western States of Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat. This was also recognized by the Government as we are the only HRDC in Maharashtra to receive grants from RUSA under Faculty Development Component. Our HRDC has conducted Orientation programmes, Refresher courses and other programmes benefiting around 19,000 teachers.

Our UGC HRDC is located in the heart of Mumbai, the very microcosm of our country which is surrounded by world class institutions like TIFR, IIT, BARC, TISS etc. from where we draw our resource persons in addition to the faculty from our University Departments, Industries, Goverment bodies and Cultural centres. We have online feedback mechanism of resource person’s performance and the course which is comprehensive, confidential and fair which helps in maintaining the quality of our programmes. This online feedback system has helped in better monitoring of the programmes as it facilities us to review all the feedbacks diligently. This in turn enables us to take corrective action wherever necessary in time which ensures the quality of our programmes. The feedbacks from the participants have been generally very positive for our programmes.

UGC HRDC , University of Mumbai has created excellent infrastructural facilities like Smart class rooms/ Virtual class room, 2 computer labs with 100 computers, Video conferencing facility, Seminar Hall, Library with books and e-resources for better program delivery. In the year 2018, our HRDC was selected by MHRD as a National Resource Centre for conducting online Refresher Course in Economics through SWAYAM portal. We are also planning to conduct other online courses to be in line with the paradigm shift happening in teaching and learning.

We are constantly looking for ways and means to improve our performance which in turn will enable us to meet our main objective of serving the teaching community better. If teachers are still to be relevant in this era of paradigm shift, they must not be confined only to transmitting information but also must orient students to meet the challenges of life. This will enable the students to become not only a trained professional but also a better citizen.