Faculty members working in universities and colleges that are included under Section 2(f) of the UGC Act, even though they may not yet be fit to be included under Section 12(B), may be invited to participate in the Orientation Programmes and Refresher Courses. The teachers of colleges that do not yet come within the purview of Section 2(f), but have been affiliated to a university for at least five years, will be permitted to participate in the programmes/courses.

Orientation Programme : Newly appointed teachers upto six years of continuous service and all those teachers who require Orientation Programme for getting higher grade can participate in this programme.

Faculty Induction Programme: Every newly appointed teacher may attend induction programme which is of one month duration.

Refresher Course : Participation in Orientation Programme is a prerequisite for admission to the Refresher Course. Thereafter, after a gap of one year they can opt for a Refresher Course. However, in exceptional cases a teacher may be allowed to complete a Refresher Course prior to completion of an Orientation Programme. There should be a minimum gap of one year between two courses, though it may be relaxed if it is essential for the teacher to fulfil eligibility conditions for career advancement.

Temporary / Adhoc / Part-time / Contract teachers who have been teaching for at least three academic sessions in an institution which has been affiliated to a University for at least two years can participate in the Orientation Programme / Refresher Course to enhance their skills.

Participating teachers will be deputed by the respective college / University department for the entire duration of the course.

The teachers selected for the programme are to be treated as on duty with full pay and allowances by the sponsoring University / college

Universities and colleges will allow interested teachers to attend UGC Human Resource Development Centre programmes based on their eligibility. Otherwise valid reasons will have to be intimated to the teacher concerned, as the courses that are organized for their teachers will ultimately benefit the University and college.

UGC permits a teacher who is interested in attending Refresher Courses/ Orientation Programme during the period of Teacher’s Fellowship as it supplements his/her professional development provided:

  • He/she surrenders living expenses for the period he/she is attending the Refresher course, and agrees to submit to the HRDC an undertaking to this effect through the concerned research centre before joining the course.
  • The Refresher course is attended in the subject that is relevant to his/her research.
  • No extension in the teacher fellowship is sought on these grounds.


The Orientation Programme will be of three weeks duration, with 18 working days and 108 contact hours (six hours per day). The Refresher Course will be of two weeks duration, with 12 working days and 72 contact hours (six hours per day). Apart from Orientation Programmes and Refresher Courses, our Human Resource Development Centre conducts Short term courses, Workshops etc. for about two to six days duration on various themes for the professional development of senior faculty members and other stakeholders.


As per the new UGC guidelines, participating teachers are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 1000/- for all the programmes, after the selection is intimated.


The selected teachers must confirm participation, by making a NEFT transfer of Rs.1000/- before the last date as specified in the selection letter. Otherwise admissions are liable to be cancelled. The details for making the NEFT transfer will be given in the selection letter.


Attendance is compulsory and the participants will be required to observe complete punctuality. No absence of any kind is permissible. There will be no public holidays during the tenure of the course.


There will be continuous evaluation of the participants in this course and grades will be indicated on the certificates. The following are the grades :

A+: 85 percent and above

A : 70 percent to less than or equal to 84 percent

B : 60 percent to less than or equal to 69 percent

C : 50 percent to less than or equal to 59 percent

F : Below 49 percent


Hostel accommodation is provided to outstation participants only if advance request is made with the application.